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April 28, 2015

Every day we experience how the pace of change is speeding up. The exciting and challenging reality of accelerating change is that more is possible, thanks to those individuals and organizations making bold moves that create breakthroughs in our
lives and communities.

On April 28th, we’ll explore how bold moves around us are shaping thinking, approaches and solutions in the arts, technology,
science and more.

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Featured Speaker: Ted Ullrich

About this talk

Changing the future of American entrepreneurship through invention centers.

About this speaker

Design and technology innovations are reshaping every sector of industry. Through Tomorrow Lab, his New York city-based design and engineering firm, Ullrich is building an argument for design studios as invention centers. By modernizing the process of creating successful products, Ullrich is disrupting legacy methods of doing business by solving real-world issues, driving down barriers to entry and empowering the little guy.
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