September 26, 2012

Edge of the South Recap

The Edge of the South, TEDxAtlanta’s September 2012 event, brought our beloved region into different perspective. It revealed the mastery of our hands, the depth of our hearts, and the brilliance of both our teachers and students.

The event wove together a dozen truly innovative Southerners, including a couple from Tennessee who are helping resurrect American manufacturing, a professor from Georgia who’s making biofuel production easier by mimicking termites, and a musician from Virginia who wraps the entire history of American folk music into what one attendee called a “one-man punk-rock banjo” band.

It was an eye-opening day that shone the spotlight on some of our region’s best and brightest. Perhaps none shone brighter than a high school senior who recently won a Google prize for the cloud-based artificial intelligence program she created that diagnoses breast cancer -- and won a Google prise.

If you couldn’t be with us, or if you were and want to relive the day, check out the Twitter archive here, and watch all the videos of the speakers here.