Ellen Dunham-Jones

Ellen Dunham-Jones

“Ellen Dunham-Jones helps provide evidence the new administration needs to put together a broad spectrum program that will create jobs, improve quality of life for all, and energy independence.”
– Metropolis Magazine

Ellen Dunham-Jones teaches architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology, is an award-winning architect and a board member of the Congress for the New Urbanism. She shows how design of where we live impacts some of the most pressing issues of our times—reducing our ecological footprint and energy consumption while improving our health and communities and providing living options for all ages.

Dunham-Jones is widely recognized as a leader in finding solutions for aging suburbs. She is the co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia: Urban Design Solutions for Redesigning Suburbs (Wiley, January 2009). She and co-author June Williamson share more than 50 case studies across North America of “underperforming asphalt properties” that have been redesigned and redeveloped into walkable, sustainable vital centers of community—libraries, city halls, town centers, schools and more. 

Dunham-Jones received her undergraduate degree in architecture and urban planning from Princeton University summa cum laude and her master’s degree in architecture from Princeton with the AIA Henry Adams Certificate of Merit. Before joining Georgia Tech as an associate professor in 2001, she worked as an architect in New York City and taught as an assistant professor at the University of Virginia (1986–1993) and as associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993–2000). She was the Ax:son Johnson Foundation Visiting Professor at Lund University, Sweden (2006–2007).