Steve Mugiri

Steve Mugiri

“AfriGadget offers such distinctive reporting that you won’t want to miss a single post.”
– Anita Hamilton, TIME.com

A writer and editor of AfriGadget, Steve Mugiri provides a platform on which the appropriate use of technology and African ingenuity in its application can be showcased. The typical story on AfriGadget represents the reality of what people are doing every day: working hard to find solutions to their daily problems that they can put in place for themselves.

Steve Mugiri spent the first 25 years of his life in Kenya and has since then lived in 4 other countries including Spain, Zimbabwe, the US and Canada. Steve is now happily settled with his wife and two boys in Toronto, Canada. He currently works with Analyics & Business Intelligence and writes, both at AfriGadget with a team of 5 other editors and at ntwiga.net, his blog on East and Central African music with a focus on the period before 1940 and 1990.

Over the last 2 years, Steve has been working with partners to bring 2 different projects to market: Green Turbine, a new revolutionary micro-CHP product that is the only turbine currently available able to effectively recover waste heat in micro-installations and jibbio.com — a different type of social network platform with a focus on connecting business with loyal customers and rewarding those who do business with them.