Justin De Leon

Justin de Leon

“When we start to understand that extreme poverty, starvation and famine, and the displacement of millions are man-made phenomena then we also start to understand how they can be solved.”
–Justin de Leon

Justin de Leon received a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations with a focus on economic development and conflict. He has directed award-winning documentaries concerning issues of urban poverty, homelessness, conflict, environmental degradation, and religion.

He is currently exploring the psychology of giving and receiving, the economic effects of charitable giving and foreign aid, and the social effects of compassion. His research hopes to address global injustice around the world, spending years working in the economic development and conflict resolution field. His experiences include working for Oxfam International in the UK; being a part of a project to streamline European post-conflict aid in the City of Londonderry, Northern Ireland; working with street children in overpopulated streets of New Delhi, India; and volunteering for a land reclamation organization in the largest slum of the Philippines. He works as an instructor at the Honickman Learning Center in North Philadelphia teaching inner city youth about social justice and media. Currently, de Leon resides in Philadelphia, PA, and is to be enrolled in a doctoral program in 2010.