Suggest a Talk

Throughout the year, TEDxAtlanta looks for speakers who will inform and inspire with their ideas.

We look for new ideas that originate in our community or elsewhere that are widely relatable. Ideas that need to be defended — not something self-evident, but an interesting argument. Ideas that change perceptions.

We search for unique voices, some established, others often just breaking through, all with insights from a wide range of areas including technology, culture, design, education, medicine, science and government, to name a few.

If you know someone you'd like to nominate to give a TEDxAtlanta talk, we'd like to hear from you. As a test before nominating, think about what the audience will walk away knowing — that this person exists, or a new idea?

Suggest A Talk

*TEDxAtlanta doesn't pay speakers (which is standard TED protocol); we do, however, cover travel costs and hotel accommodations.