Bold Moves

Hank Klibanoff

About this talk

It’s not too late to give meaning to lives lost to racially motivated crimes during the civil rights era. Emory University journalism students are shining a new light on cold cases from this era.

About this speaker

Hank Klibanoff is developing a new way to study civil rights history and to understand the racial divides in ourselves, our communities and our nation. To date, every civil rights murder case that has been reopened and successfully prosecuted was the direct result of an investigation initiated by a journalist. Klibanoff is involved in two civil rights cold cases projects – one with professional journalists, the other with college students – that bring together investigative reporting, historical analysis and narrative writing to reveal the long-neglected truth behind unresolved, racially-motivated murders in the modern civil rights era in the South. The goals are to close gaps in history by telling untold stories, expose the cruel and the criminal, and to facilitate racial understanding and healing.
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