Reasons to Believe

Charles Orgbon III

About this talk

Charles Orgbon is 17, and he says he and his fellow teenagers know how to save the world if only the adults would give them the room to do it. He’s got results to back up his words. He founded Greening Forward, a national organization of young people that has already diverted 60 tons of waste from landfills.

About this speaker

Refueled is a multimedia company based in Dallas that specializes in publishing, design, and film. It’s most widely known for its biannual lifestyle magazine. As Refueled’s publisher and creative director, Chris provides us not only a window into great culture, but also a peek into one man’s quest to make media itself an art form. Each story and video is far more than a passing glance or a footnote. It is a tour of the very textures and personalities inherent in style, music, and life. Refueled is more than a magazine: It’s a lifestyle brand.
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