Edge of the South

Monica Campana

About this talk

Monica Campana, founder of Living Walls, shows how transforming abandoned walls into art not only starts conversations, but changes our relationship to our city.

About this speaker

The idea behind Living Walls is to bring together artists working in the public space ( like street artists and graffiti writers) with those who spend their time talking about public space ( like urbanists, urban farmers and professors) under the same roof. Living Walls recently picked up the award from the Atlanta Urban Design Commission for best organization of the year, and Creative Loafing put Campana on its list of the “20 People to Watch” in 2012. Living Walls champions folks from the male-dominated world of graffiti and street art, whose pedigrees in trespassing and anonymity are as well cultivated as their knowledge of color palettes. Wyatt Williams in a Creative Loafing article stated that " Campana’s organizational skills are downright remarkable: One might assume that running a nonprofit that specializes in herding stoned cats would require a similar set of skills."
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