Kevin & Hannah Salwen

Kevin & Hannah Salwen

“Hannah’s awakening to social injustice, and her family’s ability to make a difference shows how you can redefine the American dream.”

Kevin Salwen is a writer and entrepreneur. With his 15-year-old daughter, Hannah, he is co-author of The Power of Half. The book is the story of a eureka moment by Hannah that resulted in the Salwen family's commitment to reduce their consumption by half — started by selling their house and moving into one half its size.

During 18 years at the Wall Street Journal, Kevin wrote two columns, helped cover two presidential administrations and launched two publications. In his last job at the paper, he was National Small Business Editor and a weekly expert guest on CNBC. After leaving the WSJ in 2000, Kevin created several media ventures. He is now the expert on small-business issues for Yahoo!

Kevin, his wife, Joan, and their two teenagers are investing money, time and talent with The Hunger Project to help build opportunity for villagers in Africa. Their audacious family project has been featured on the Today Show. Kevin’s book about that project, co-authored by his daughter, Hannah, a junior at the Atlanta Girls’ School, is entitled The Power of Half, and will be published by Houghton-Mifflin in February 2010. The book teaches families how to improve the quality of their relationships through a common purpose to serve others.